William McKinley Performing Arts High School is the home of Glee Clubs the New Directions, The Troubletones, The Dual Notes and the Shooting Stars. The principal is William Schuester and Sam Evans is the New Directions coach. It also has a number of other clubs and activities available.


Clubs and Activities Edit

  • The Troubletones - an all-female club originally formed by Sugar Motta. After the school became an arts school it was reformed by Will Schuester.
  • The Shooting Stars - WMPAS' Junior Varsity Glee club for those who are still a bit unsure about the Show Choir business.
  • The New Directions - The most elite of the clubs, the coach is Sam Evans. This is the original WMHS Glee club even before they were an Arts School.
  • The Cheerios - one of the top Cheerleading teams of the country.
  • The Book Club - a group for kids who like reading to meet and bond.
  • The Art Club - an after school activity where students can paint.

Locations around the School Edit

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